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Chargeurs Luxury Materials supplies the world’s finest, softest and most resistant merino wool fibers. The world leader in premium wool trading emphasis with passion the high value added of merino wool products. Chargeurs Luxury Materials is the only global trader capable of offering merino wool from every producing region. Chargeurs Luxury Materials is deploying an optimized business model that operates through firm contracts.

Chargeurs maintains a longstanding relationship with sheep growers, wool buyers, coops, and greasy wool warehouses in all wool producing regions. Only the best wools are acquired for each blend to match perfectly with the customer’s expectation so ongoing customer programs receive consistent blends year after year.

Quality, traceability and fiber stability: Chargeurs Luxury Materials leverages its expertise in selecting the finest greasy wool tops from producers worldwide.

The main finished product of Chargeurs Luxury Materials is "Wool Top" which is long staple, worsted wool used to spin yarn for both the knitting and weaving industries. Wool Top is the result of washing, carding, and combing the "Greasy Wool" that is the raw material for Top Making. These are processed in combing mills in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and China.
It is then the turn of the division’s marketing teams, who are in daily contact with the world’s most prestigious brands and constantly match supply and demand, to efficiently deliver the right solution to each customer whatever their location.

The focus of Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ R&D units is to offer increasingly fine, softer wool grades, drawing on the Group’s sustainable production/distribution cycle model and constantly working to strengthen its long-term integration in local producer communities and regional ecosystems.

Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ strategy is aligned with the enduring market demand for wool grades produced in full compliance with animal welfare and environmental standards for the fashion wear and sportswear segments.

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The highest grades of wool are passed twice through a series of finer and finer combs that eliminate the fibers that are shorter than 45 mm, known as noils, and lengthen the longer fibers to produce tops or slivers.

The constant dialog between the top maker, who is capable of supplying a wide variety of natural merino wool, and the plant manager, who is responsible for a high standard industrial process while maintaining a small environmental footprint, ensure the high quality of merino wool tops.

To ensure a small environmental footprint, Chargeurs Luxury Materials has sought to protect its host community water resources by installing treatment facilities in each of its combing mills. In Argentina, for example, the very pure water from Rio Chubut, which flows down from the Andes and empties into the Atlantic Ocean, is returned after use to large open-air reservoirs where it evaporates naturally.

By products of the Top Making process are mainly "Wool Grease" and "Noils." Wool Grease is an oily, greasy film naturally occurring on merino wool fibers in various quantities depending on the breed of the sheep. This ​"​Wool Grease​"​ is removed in the Washing process and is the source of Lanolin. After several steps of refining by Chargeurs Luxury Materials' Wool Grease customers, the pure lanolin goes mainly into the cosmetics industry. "Noils" are the shorter fibers which are removed during the Combing process and are mainly used in Woolen products and felted products like hats.

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Federico Paullier
“We supply a valuable resource,
with full knowledge of where it came
from and of its compliance with our
standards of excellence.”
Federico Paullier
Managing Director,
Chargeurs Luxury Materials
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