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Chargeurs is a global industrial
champion operating in niche markets

The Group has global leadership positions in each of its four businesses/Chargeurs Protective Films, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies, Chargeurs Technical Substrates and Chargeurs Luxury Materials. Its dynamism is built on robust fundamentals, including a widely recognized manufacturing heritage, an incomparable global market footprint, long-term shareholder impetus and a remarkable ability to seize growth opportunities.

By combining powerful innovation capabilities and new service solutions, while working tirelessly to improve its industrial performance, Chargeurs is writing a new chapter in its history.

Chargeurs is a global industrial<br>
champion operating in niche markets

« Chargeurs:
a distinctive development model based
on operational efficiency and industrial value creation. »

After effectively consolidating our performance in 2015, we successfully deployed our “Performance, Discipline and Ambitions” plan in 2016.
Our operating profit outperformance was due to the success of the Chargeurs Business Standards, which bring strength and stability in a volatile economic environment, and the commitment of our 1,500 employees.

Chargeurs is constantly driving continuous improvement in performance, led by incremental and groundbreaking innovations closely aligned with customer needs, unrivaled talent management and sustained investment.

We expect to further this dynamic in 2017 by seizing new opportunities for organic growth and acquisitions, in order to maintain and strengthen our technological and operational leadership in our four businesses.

Michaël Fribourg

Distinctive development

To manufacture outstanding, innovative, reliable and bespoke niche products and services that enhance our customers’ performance and success.


As a manufacturing group, Chargeurs has always sought to ensure that its different businesses uphold strict CSR criteria.

Today, these criteria are part of a reaf rmed, meaningful vision that expresses our values to every employee in two key areas:

  • Customer satisfaction, our corporate purpose
  • Human development, the cornerstone of our transformation

Group values


Today, reliability can be seen in the attention paid to the Group’s manufacturing processes,products and services, which are subject to stringent, continuous quality control.It is also expressed in the strict compliance with delivery schedules and the constant concern to meet the most demanding customer expectations.


Passion is first and foremost that of a job well done. It inspires the Group’s teams, who are hard at work every day developing the products and solutions that seamlessly address customer expectations. By leveraging its advanced expertise and ability to foresee emerging needs, the Group is now a driving force in leading-edge industries.


The distinctive growth model, based on local management in operations outside France, is a cornerstone of the Group’s culture. Today, it is being deployed by a network of local partners and talented employees, hired and trained on-site to ensure in-depth awareness of issues and markets in close alignment with customer expectations in each host country. In this way, Chargeurs is more responsive and, thanks to the skills of its teams, can offer customers bespoke products and services to suit their every need.


Chargeurs has always charted a clear-eyed, yet bold course, guided by the assertive commitment to expansion. This propensity to overcome obstacles is reflected in a determined attitude, focused on continuously improving the Group’s manufacturing capabilities, revitalizing its services and products portfolio, seeking new sources of growth in new countries and trusting in people’s talent and abilities.

The chargeurs business model

Distinctive development
Strength & Vision
Engaged management of human capital
Engaged management of human capital
  • Decentralized global management
  • Managerial leadership
  • Investing in human capital and leveraging international talent
  • Leveraging talent across all generations
Niche products & services
Niche products & services
  • High barriers to entry
  • Continuous innovation
  • Innovative services and bespoke products developed jointly with our customers
  • Advanced management of specific, integrated solutions
  • Total quality and reliability
An operational excellence model
An operational excellence model
  • Continuous optimization of core processes
  • Diversi ed global geographic footprint
  • Effcient supply chain processes
  • “Best cost” culture and continuous cost management
  • Optimum productivity and expertise
A robust and disciplined FInancial culture
A robust and disciplined FInancial culture
  • High return on capital employed
  • Efficient management of nance costs and other financial expenses
  • Tight control over operating cycles
  • Implementation of highly selective, accretive growth transactions